190 000
  • Precise: Audeze planar magnetic drivers tuned for production-gradeaccuracy
  • Comfortable: Gel-filled leather earpads and suspension headband
  • Durable: Premium chassis featuring magnesium, aluminum, and steel
  • Versatile: High efficiency drivers, works well with wide variety of equipment
  • Pedigree: Designed in collaboration with Grammy award-winning engineer/producer Manny Marroquin


Experience the precision and reliability of a professional studio anywhere you create or listen to music with the new MM-100.

Enjoy all-day comfort from our newest full-sized headphone, built in the USA on a lightweight premium chassis featuring magnesium, aluminum, and steel. Never has world-class, studio-trusted Audeze sound been so accessible.

Take Your Studio Anywhere

For years top audio professionals worldwide have relied on Audeze headphones like the LCD-X and MM-500. MM-100 instantly transforms your space into a studio, putting you between a pair of industry-trusted monitors that consistently deliver the sound and emotions the artist intended. Take the room out of the equation, trust the MM-100.

Advance Your Craft with Audeze Technology

Hear deeper into every mix, and don't let a single detail go unnoticed thanks to the industry-leading driver technology packed into MM-100. Expect pinpoint precision and ultra-low distortion from MM-100’s newly designed planar magnetic drivers. Built with the same exacting dedication as our flagship LCD-5, and featuring our patented waveguides, magnet arrays, and diaphragms, MM-100 raises the bar on sound quality in its class.

Engineered for Comfort

MM-100 is designed to deliver effortless comfort for even your longest sessions. Relax as the supple gel-filled leather earpads cradle your ears, and the adjustable suspension strap feels feather-light for hours.

Adaptable to Fit Your Workflow

Work easily around your instrument, computer, or console thanks to MM-100’s single-sided cable, which can be conveniently connected to either side of the headphone. To make sure you always stay connected, MM-100 includes a 6.35mm to 3.5mm cable adapter for laptops, mobile devices, and smaller studio equipment. When it's time to hit the road, MM-100 folds flat for travel or storage inside the included soft cover gig bag.

Built for Durability

MM-100 is crafted to stand up to the rigors of life, whether it takes you from the studio to the road, from home to school, or from the office to live performance. Every pair is hand-assembled and tested in our Southern California workshop to ensure it fits and sounds right. MM-100’s lightweight, premium chassis features aluminum yokes, magnesium grilles, and a spring-steel headband.

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Комплект поставки

  • Наушники MM-500
  • Аудио кабель
  • 6.35мм на 3.5мм адаптер
  • Кейс для перевозки
  • Сертификат подлинности


Тип наушниковПолноразмерные открытые
Тип излучателяМагнито-планарный
Расположение магнитовМатрица Fluxor™
Фазовая корректировкаFazor™
Материал магнитаНеодим N50
Тип диафрагмыUltra-Thin Uniforce™
Диаметр излучателя90 мм
Уровень звукового давления>120 дБ
Диапазон воспроизводимых частот20Hz - 25kHz
Коэффициент нелинейных искажений<0.1% на 100 дБ SPL, 1 кГц
Чувствительность98 дБ/1 мВт
Импеданс18 Ом
Максимальная мощность усилителя5 Вт RMS
Минимальная рекомендуемая мощность усилителя>100 мВт
Рекомендуемая мощность усилителя>250 мВТ


Меры предосторожности

Чтобы не испортить себе слух и/или наушники, перед их подключением убедитесь, что громкость плеера находится на низком уровне. Надев наушники, доводите громкость до комфортного уровня постепенно. Прослушивание на повышенной громкости может привести к ослаблению слуха и повреждению наушников.

Работа на излишне высокой громкости способна повредить ваши наушники. Чтобы минимизировать риск такого повреждения — оно не покрывается гарантией — убедитесь, что мощность подаваемого на наушники сигнала не превышает рекомендованные